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Amalgamated Plumbing, Leak Detection and Electrical is one of the largest plumbing and electrical companies in Namibia, with a service offering spanning all areas of maintenance and repairs. From minor domestic issues to large commercial construction projects, our recognized expertise ensures quality service delivery and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

The image is of a vertical and of a horizontal intersecting brass water pipes and a floating logo, AMA-PLUMBER on a dark wall background.

Construction plumbing at the highest industry standards.

Water Leak Detection. The image is of a hole in the ground that has been dug up, exposing an underground water pipe that has been repaired.

Helping you locate hidden and unexplained leaks.

The image displays a lamp positioned centre bottom of the image and the lamp is casting light against a wall at night with the logo, AMA-ELECTRIC floating in the right bottom corner.

Residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.

Maintenance & Repairs. An image of a number 10 spanner in place on a bolt and the bolt part way in a metal object.

Covering all your plumbing and maintenance needs.